Native Bee Home


Did you know that honey bees aren't native to the United States, but thousands of species of solitary bees, such as leafcutter and mason bees, call the U.S. home? Unfortunately, a loss of habitat has caused a decline in population for these critical pollinators. Support our native pollinators by hanging this bee habitat on your deck, balcony, or yard. Handmade in Austin, Texas,these beautiful dwellings are made from all-natural and untreated cedar.

Although these solitary bees don't produce honey, they don't require any ongoing maintenance, are extremely docile, and are terrific for pollinating our native plants. Native bee habitats are perfect for apartment dwellers, those allergic to honey bees, or those with restrictive HOA rules.

These homes are hand-crated in Austin, TX from untreated cedar and include a roof in the color of your choice, locally grown bamboo to provide a nesting place for the queens, and detailed instructions on how and where to hang the habitat to best ensure success in attracting native bees. The bamboo reeds are carefully selected for diameter and cut to the length best suited to attract native bees.Your home will include all hardware for easy installation.

In early spring, hang this habitat in a location that receives early morning sun, and wait for your pollinators to begin nesting!