My Queen seems to have flown the hive, should I be worried?

Most of the time when a queen flies away, she will come back.  Queens are not made for flying far distances, as they have a huge abdomen that weighs them down.  Without worker bees around them, they are unable to take care of themselves.  Ideally the queen will be with her package bees for at least 3-4 days before she is released, but they might accept her before that, too. If your queen flies away on you, just wait a few days and check the hive to see if she's back.  If you can't find her right away, don't worry.  She may be hiding near the bottom, laying away.  If you check, and you're still not sure, give it a few weeks.  If there is a lack of fresh brood, you may have to order another queen and install her instead.