Is my package damaged?

Is my package damaged?

It is normal (unfortunately) to have up to an inch of dead bees in the bottom of the package. These bees are banged out of boxes and poured through funnels before the hazards of transport. We put extra bees in to cover expected loss in transit. In the unfortunate event of a dead or damaged shipment please take photos and email the details to: All dead or damaged shipments must be reported within 24 hours of arrival. Again, send me a picture of your whole package from the side before hiving it, if you feel it arrived damaged.

Healthy package with normal loss from transit

Healthy package with normal loss from transit.  Hive the bees.


Damaged package with some excess bee loss during transit

Damaged package with some excess bee loss during transit. 

Hive the bees after taking a photo and contact us.  If it looks like this, then your package still has plenty of bees to successfully start a new colony (unless your queen has been damaged or has died in transit).  Your package may take a few days or a week longer to build up to full strength.

Severely damaged package

Severely damaged package. 

The queen is most likely still alive, but as many as 2/3 to 3/4 of the bees died in transit.  Install the queen and hive the live bees anyway and we will replace the bees.  If you can salvage these bees, then when they join with the replacement package, you will have extra bees to get your hive going even faster. 

Completely dead package

Completely dead package with a small chance the queen is alive.  

We will replace the entire shipment. 

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