I have small hive beetles, SHB, what should I do?

There are a few easy steps you can take to reduce your SHB troubles. Place your hive in the sun or nearly full sun. The small hive beetle pupates in the ground outside the hive and the hot sun will bake them. Make sure your hive is queen right and strong. If not, SHB and other pests will take full advantage of it. Using traps (some use vegetable oil) can reduce their population as well. Keep your hive free of places where beetles can hide so the bees can chase them out of their hive... no plastic frames, inner covers, or feeders that give SHB nooks and crannies to hide out. Bait traps can also reduce the population, we do something similar to what is shown in this video and feel it helps. The bees don't touch the bait and it does not fume through the hive. Good luck... Small Hive Beetles are a huge pest.

Click to watch this helpful video from on Youtube