How do you requeen a mean hive?

How do you requeen a mean hive?

Get ready before you get near. Have excluder and  extra hive bodies handy.  Smoke entrance and the work quickly to get lid and top brood chamber off and set top brood chamber on top of empty hive body.

Work through bottom brood chamber as quickly as possible pulling combs and searching for queen and as you finish with each comb shake bees off onto excluder above second empty deep (sometimes works better to have another super on top of excluder - an excluder sandwich).  As soon as you finish with bottom deep repeat with all combs from upper chamber.  Have a spray bottle with water too so you can alternate smoke and the water to suppress flight.

Tough out the stings - it will only get worse if you have to repeat or come back again.  

Using Shaker box and just shaking the hive down is even faster.

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