BeeWeaver Consulting

Daniel Weaver has served as a consultant and honey bee expert for several governmental agencies as well as private-sector entities. His clients have included the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the Southwest Research Institute, the United States Department of Agriculture and individuals and corporations involved in litigation in various courts. Daniel has also assisted in the development of innovative technological advances in apiculture and agriculture. For more information about how Daniel Weaver might be able to assist you in your endeavors please contact us for details.

Bee Legal

If beekeepers or others affected by bees get into trouble, they sometimes end up in contested proceedings to determine liability and damages for injuries sustained by claimants in litigation or arbitration. If you need help...

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Bee Science

BeeWeaver tries to stay on top of recent developments in the realm of bee science. We will attempt to abstract and discuss selected recent publications of note that bear upon important topics of concern to beekeepers, scientists, farmers and those interested in pollination, as well as the general public and policy makers

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