BeeWeaver Instructions

Bees & Queens - Installation Guide

Read the following document for a step-by-step guide for installing your bees

Package Bees

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Introducing BeeWeaver Queens

Instructions: "Introducing BeeWeaver Queens" and "Hiving BeeWeaver Package Bees & Nucs"

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Introducing Queens

Make sure your hive does not have a queen. Remove the cork from the candy end of the queen cage. Wedge the queen cage between two of the center frames with the screen on the cage exposed downward toward the bottom of the hive so that the bees can access the queen through the screen. The bees must also have access to the hole in the candy end of the cage. Be sure the candy end of the cage is slightly lower than the area of the cage occupied by the queen. Take care to make certain that the queen cage is securely embedded in wax or is secured to the top of the frames.

A BeeWeaver Queen and her daughters

Hiving Package Bees

Have your hive ready before the package bees arrive. Be sure the hive has been provided with honey or sugar syrup for feed. The entrance of the hive should be reduced to a width of about 2 inches by stuffing grass or newspaper into the entrance slot. Do not close the entrance completely because the bees might smother.

Skip  hiving his first package
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