Friday, 2016, May 27 Pickup is CANCELLED due to tornado damage and flooding at our Navasota location. Power lines are down and roads are flooded. We will be in touch with a new pickup date as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding, and everybody stay safe. 

Buzz from jeb532 - 118 May 05, 2011

Buzz from jeb532 - 118 May 05, 2011


On 4/21 the post office called me to come get my bees...which was very puzzling since I had already picked up my BWeaver package on 4/6. Turns out they had a small swarm by their loading dock , and they still had my phone number. It was a really small swarm...maybe a pound at best. I boxed them up and hauled them, but It took 8 days to find the queen. Either she was a virgin queen...or my eyes just ain't what they used to be. Shes dark and small and hides really well. Well, two weeks later the little ladies are still kicking, making comb and raising brood. Much more skittish than my BWeaver ladies...

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