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BeeWeaver breeder (mother and father) colonies are selected annually from our thousands of hives. Our bees have not needed ANY mite treatments since 2001.

When a BeeWeaver Queen heads your colony you will enjoy chemical free beekeeping, like the good old days! Our breeder colonies are selected based on high production of honey & brood, tolerance of pests and pathogens, and gentle demeanor.

The BeeWeaver breed is a hybrid of the Italian & Buckfast breeds that Weaver Apiaries sold for decades. Due to the increasing challenges of beekeeping we carefully selected breeder hives that survived and thrived without chemical aids. Our two lineages of bees became similar enough that we chose to combine them into a singular BeeWeaver breed. All of our queens are open (naturally) mated and come ready to lay eggs. Please note that the color of our bees varies from light to dark but most are medium in color.

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There will be additional Queen pick ups scheduled in August and Bee pick ups in September.

Plain BeeWeaver Queen
Plain BeeWeaver Queen
BeeWeaver Marked Queen - Mark still in place
BeeWeaver Marked Queen - Mark still in place
BeeWeaver Marked Queen - 8 Months Old
BeeWeaver Marked Queen - Mark has been chipped away
BeeWeave Clipped & Marked Queen
BeeWeave Clipped & Marked Queen

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Buy BeeWeaver Queens for 2016

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Additional Queen pick ups will be scheduled in August and Bee pick ups in September.

Please do not put different ship weeks in the same order

Place a different order for each ship week you want. If multiple ship weeks are in the same order, we will contact you about placing each ship week in its own order.


Orders of 50 or more will be shipped in a Battery Box unless specified otherwise

Order now for Spring 2016 and later while supplies last.


Queens Shipping Calendar

April Week 12016/04/04SOLD OUT
April Week 22016/04/11SOLD OUT
April Week 32016/04/18SOLD OUT
April Week 42016/04/24SOLD OUT
May Week 12016/05/04SOLD OUT
May Week 22016/05/11SOLD OUT
May Week 32016/05/18SOLD OUT
May Week 42016/05/25SOLD OUT
June Week 12016/06/01SOLD OUT
June Week 22016/06/08SOLD OUT
June Week 32016/06/15SOLD OUT
June Week 42016/06/22SOLD OUT
June Week 52016/06/27SOLD OUT
July Week 12016/07/06SOLD OUT
July Week 22016/07/13SOLD OUT
July Week 32016/07/20SOLD OUT
July Week 42016/07/27SOLD OUT
August Week 12016/08/03SOLD OUT
August Week 22016/08/10SOLD OUT
August Week 32016/08/17SOLD OUT
August Week 42016/08/24SOLD OUT
August Week 52016/08/31SOLD OUT
September Week 12016/09/07SOLD OUT
September Week 22016/09/14SOLD OUT
September Week 32016/09/21SOLD OUT
September Week 42016/09/28
September Week 12016/10/05
October Week 22016/10/12
October Week 32016/10/19

2015 Pricing and Volume Discounts


Price: $33 each

Price: $35 each

Price: $35 each

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Group Lessons from BeeWeaver

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