Mini-Bee Pacs

For years BeeWeaver has shipped 10-12 bees at a time to customers who use the bees for art, apitherapy, and more. Demand has slowly increased with time so we felt we should add this product to our website. We ship the worker bees in the same 3 hole wood queen cages that we use for most of our queen shipments. We can ship our mini-bee pacs most of the year but during extreme heat and cold it is best to not ship. BeeWeaver does not guarantee any benefit from using bee stings to help with health and vitality, but we hope those seeking help from bees find it.

To keep the cost down for our API Mini-Bee Pacs:

  • We do not guarantee live arrival.
  • If a single bee or all the bees are Dead on Arrival, or do not live long after delivery, BeeWeaver does not replace the bees for free.


Ship Week:

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