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Purchase an Annual Subscription to our Help Desk. Our Help Desk is run by professions with over 50 yrs combined experience in Bee Keeping. Click here for more information about your options for using the BeeHelp Desk™.

For the discounted fee of $100, you will have access to the BeeHelp Desk™. An annual subscription allows you to ask multiple questions of our professionals for one year!
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We will attempt to answer all your questions over the course of a year but total customer use will be tracked and capped when the response time for your aggregate requests exceeds 8 hours. After 8 hours of staff response time we will ask you to purchase additional services prior to answering further questions

Select the brown boxes above for more information about pricing, terms of use, the BeeHelp Desk™ team, and other information.

Fill out the form below, and you may also ask your first question. Next, complete the check out process. The question will be submitted to our help desk, and you can expect to hear back from us soon. You will receive an account on which will give you access to our help desk, where you can start asking questions!

Our Annual Subscriptions are discounted for a limited time so act now! BeeWeaver is currently developing other premium content for our subscribers which will include videos, how-to tips, and other helpful information for Bee Keepers. When all this content is released, new subscription prices will go up, but, as an early bird subscriber, you will have access to all premium content when it becomes available.


Includes access to BeeHelp™ Premium Videos!

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