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Add Honey Bees, Reduce Your Texas Property Taxes

Posted by BeeWeaver Buzz on 23rd Jan 2018

The majority of Texas’ state income is from property taxes and the small landowner carries much of the burden. If you own between 5 and 20 acres beekeeping may the answer you need for the property tax … READ POST »

Bee Mystery Solved?

Posted by BeeWeaver Buzz on 13th Jan 2018

BeeWeaver's thoughts... The paper by Bromenshenk et al., recently published in PLoS One, adds to earlier work suggesting that CCD is characterized by bees which are infected with multiple pathogens. T … READ POST »

The Beekeeper’s Thrill

Posted by BeeWeaver Buzz on 13th Jan 2018

We are excited to introduce Andrew Shahan, our Head Beekeeper for Central Texas, in his first blog post. Enjoy!My Dad's first experience holding a frame of bees.Camila, Dad, Irina in their bee gearCo … READ POST »

Stung by Heat and Drought in Texas

Posted by BeeWeaver Buzz on 13th Jan 2018

That smoky smell isn’t from my bee smoker… sadly our part of Texas is on fire. Even if some parts of the prairies, hill country, big thicket, and south Texas brush aren’t a part of what is or has bee … READ POST »