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2100 Memorial Blvd.
Kerrville, Texas 78028, Coordinates: 30.032221 -99.130790
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phone: 512-535-2219

Pick Up Location: Schreiner University

Contact info for further directions:
Rick Fink. President – AABA (210) 872-4569 cell or (210) 497-8025.

Schreiner University
2100 East Main St.

Kerrville, TX 78028

Theme – Beekeeping “Hill Country Style.”

What do you get when you mix Sausage, Salad, Homemade Pies (and other desserts) and Beekeepers – A PARTY! 

Field Day in 2017 will be hosted by the Alamo Area Beekeepers Association (AABA), the Fredericksburg Beekeepers Association and the Texas Hill Country Beekeepers Association (Kerrville, TX).  Each bee club will have a booth at the Field Day 2017.  

Cost.  The Alamo Area Beekeepers Association (AABA) underwrites the cost of Field Day. Our goal is to educate people about honeybees.  Product sales of honey each year support the AAB A Youth Beekeeping Scholarship Program.  Donations are gratefully accepted.  Each Field Day we have a Raffle (tickets for the raffle - $2.00 each; 3 for $5.00).  Beekeeping suppliers have generously donated items for our raffle so please buy tickets and help support our outreach educational programs in the Texas Hill Country.  Vendors contributing items for our raffle are recognized each time a donation is awarded.  Attendees are encouraged to support our beekeeping vendors.


Field Day 2017 will be held at Schreiner University.  The address is 2100 East Main St, Kerrville, TX. Use Mapquest for directions. For further information please contact Rick Fink ( or Dr Ryan Caesar at Schreiner University Directions and signage will be posted on the Schreiner University campus.                          

Remember to bring a folding chair, hat, sunscreen. In addition, bring bee clothing and gloves if you plan to participate in the afternoon demo.  Plan to arrive about 8 AM.  Tell your friends.

Arrival Time. Please plan to arrive between 8 AM-9 AM.  Parking is available on-site and AABA members will help guide you to your parking place.  Please sign in at the Registration Booth.  The President’s Welcome is scheduled for 9 AM with the morning demos to begin at approximately 9:15 AM.  

Meeting Agenda (submitted by Don Fraser, VP AABA)        

President’s Welcome & Visitors Intro by Rick Fink (5 min)

Demonstrations – AM (9:15-11:15 AM

·      Newbie Beekeepers (Years 1-3) – Lessons Learned (Don Fraser, Lisa Mattson, Stuart& Nettie Birnbaum)

·      Hive Splits and Hot Hive Management - (Rick Fink & Jim Willingham)

·      Beekeeping Tool Time (Dave Grinnan & Bob Allen)

·      Beekeeping – Property Tax Special Valuation in Texas; aka Ag Exemption (Joe & Lolita Bader, Scott & Sue Ann United)

·      Feeding Bees – Honey Harvest – Tips and Techniques – (Display Table)

·      Hive Options – Langstroth, Top Bar, Flow Hive and Longitudinal (Peta Dunn, Stephen Porter and Teri Meyers)

·      How to Make - Burn Salve (w/ beeswax, herbs, olive oil and honey) (Patricia McBurney) 


Demonstrations – PM (1:15-3 PM

·      Hive Inspection and Nuc Installation Demo (Rick Fink)

·      Swarm Capture & How to Hive a Swarm (Bob Allen and Dave Grinnan)


Bee Vendors – please for directions of where to park at Schreiner University.  We plan to have a fan and water mister to help cool the bee hives (and bee wranglers). Please let Rick Fink know if you plan to bring additional queen, nucs or hives for sale in addition to pre-ordered items.

Honey Sales, Equipment & Bee Clothing – Sale and Swap (Clothing, Tools and Equipment).  Only bee-related items - no kitchen sinks or old cars please; if in doubt please ask. Vendors welcome. Please contact Rick Fink ( if you plan to set up a booth for the sale of items at least 48 hours in advance to reserve a spot to set up your booth.

The live demo in the afternoon involve working with live bees. Protective Clothing. Participants in the afternoon demos will need a liability waver and wear bee protective clothing. If you have a bee suit(s) and nitrile (or leather) gloves please bring them with you as not all the people who wish to participate have a bee suit.  Put your name on the bee suit and bring it along for someone else to use. Please remember to wash your bee suit (and gloves) the day prior to the AABA Field Day (helps eliminate any alarm pheromones on your suit).

Lunch (12 Noon-1 PM). The AABA will supply the main course for the lunch meal.  AABA members and visitors are encouraged to bring a covered dish, vegetables, salad & salad dressing, chips, dessert.  BEE creative…beekeepers love to eat. If you are a vegetarian or gluten-sensitive please plan accordingly. If you do bring a vegetarian or gluten-free food item please label it – “Gluten Free.”  If the food needs to be kept chilled please keep the food in an ice chest prior to the meal.

Note. The morning demos will be completed about 11:45 AM.  The lunch tables will need to be set up…food ready to be served.  Please bring a lawn chair to sit on, sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat.

Raffle & Door Prizes 

·      Tickets for the raffle - $2.00 each; 3 for $5.00

·      Door Prizes – eligible – sign in desk w/ contact info

Questions regarding the 2017 AABA Youth Scholarship Program & Mentor Matching. Direct your questions and applications to Rick Fink (Alamo Area Beekeepers Assoc.)