Will your bees survive in my climate?

Bees are very adaptable creatures. Even though the breeding ground for the BeeWeaver breed has mild winters and very hot summers, that does not mean the bee will only do well in this environment. We ship our bees all over the continental US, from coast to coast, and customers from all states return to us time and again for their queen/bee needs. To encourage our breed to be able to adapt to circumstances on their own we do not manipulate/facilitate them other than what's necessary. For instance, we only feed the bees syrup when they are light. We do not give them pollen patties or additional supplements to assist them in building the hive up. They have to learn from their environmental cues (length of day, temperature fluctuation, and plant status) to know when to start/stop laying over the course of a year.

If you live in a climate that is extremely cold in the winter, please see our FAQ about over wintering.