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Making the World Sweeter Since 1888

For over 125 years our company has served the beekeeping community by providing quality bees and queens across the country and worldwide. BeeWeaver honey continues to sweeten life over a century after its small beginning in Lynn Grove, TX in 1888. Become a part of the BeeWeaver Family as we evolve with the ever changing and exciting beekeeping world.

high ground Due to nearly non-stop rain for weeks on end, we are backordered on queens and delaying pick ups. Please watch you email and check back on the website for updates. We are doing everything we can to produce all orders as fast as possible, but need dry days for queen mating and healthy colonies for package and nuc production.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Queens, Nucs and Colonies for 2015

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High Quality Hives & Hive Components

Cypress and Red Cedar Equipment for Pick Up, reserve your specialty hive now!

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Bee Goods

BeeWeaver BeeGoods for Pick Up.

BeeWeaver’s BeeGoods are high quality hives and hive components, and will give you season after season of service.

If you are picking up Bees/Queens or taking lessons at our Navasota Headquarters or our Dripping Springs Texas Bee Barn you may choose to pick up your equipment at the same time.

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Beetle Bee Gone

BeeGoods Beetle Bee-Gone

Insert one or more Beetle Bee-Gone sheets in your colony where hive beetles congregate. Your bees will chew the sheets and turn them into ‘fuzzy’ hive beetle traps.

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BeeGoods Top Bar Hive with an established BeeWeaver Queen, Bees, and Brood

For June Pick Up in Navasota or the Texas Bee barn in Dripping Springs:

BeeGoods Top Bar Hive with an established BeeWeaver Queen, Bees, and Brood Now choose either Traditional style, or one that accommodates Langstroth Deep frames.

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Learn to Work with Bees

Personal or Group Lessons from BeeWeaver at our Dripping Springs Texas Bee Barn or Navasota Apiary. or, personal lessons at your Hive location or our Dripping Springs Apiary

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Need Help? Check out BeeWeaver Services..

Use the BeeHelp Desk™ for advise from professionals, learn about our consulting services, and, coming soon - sign up for Hive Management services from BeeWeaver!

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BeeGoods Mercantile

High-quality “bee-centric” merchandise from your one-stop destination for chemical-free bee starter kits and apiary equipment.

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BeeWeaver Gift Certificates

BeeWeaver Gift Certificates

BeeWeaver Gift Certificates are a great way to give Bees to your favorite Beekeeper!

BeeWeaver Bees, Chemical-free for over 10 Years

BeeWeaver was the first commercial beekeeper to stop treating hives with chemicals to control varroa mites. We believed the mite would build up a resistance to the acaricides used by beekeepers to kill them, and we would be forced again and again to use stronger chemicals in our hives if we did not build a stronger bee instead. Beginning in 1995 we started leaving hives untreated for varroa mites and only used surviving colonies as our breeder stock. Beginning in 2001 we stopped using any kind of treatment for varroa mites in our thousands of colonies. Our chemical free hives produce booming populations and extraordinary honey crops. Commercial, sideliner, and hobbyist beekeepers have enjoyed the same results in their hives headed by BeeWeaver genetics.

BeeWeaver Queens are better than the rest, bar none