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BeeWeaver Queens and Bees are Varroa Mite Resistant!

Bee Weaver queens have been selected for genetic resistance to Varroa mites and bee viruses. Our hardy BeeWeaver breed builds huge hives full of honey and bees - with no need for any other mite controls.

Bee Weaver’s Story

We have a beekeeping legacy that reaches back 130 years – but we haven’t rested on laurels from long ago.

Beginning in the early 1990s Daniel and Binford Weaver began selecting bees for genetic resistance to Varro destructor mites. Dan identified colonies that survived Varroa mite infestation without acaricides, pesticides or any chemical control measures. Bee Weaver used the best of the surviving and thriving hives to breed the succeeding generations of BeeWeaver queens. Each season our honey bee stock had steadily increased levels of genetic resistance to Varroa mites and genetic tolerance of Varroa infestation.

BeeWeaver bees and queens don’t just survive Varroa mites, BeeWeaver colonies thrive in the face of Varroa infestation. BeeWeaver bees free the beekeeper from the constant struggle to test Varroa mite populations and then suppress the mites with chemicals or other control measures.

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BeeWeaver offers a unique trip into a bee hive. From the comfort of our shaded observation area see a beekeeper work a hive of bees and learn some basic beekeeping. Our observation area has a screen between you and the hive, and the beekeeper will bring frames of bees to the screen so you can see the bees & their hive up close.

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