Meet the BeeWeaver Team

Andrew Shahan BeeWeaver Crew

Hometown: Gainesville, FL

School: University of Florida

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Entomology and Nematology

Pets: Cooper the lap dog, a rescued Great Dane and Black Labrador mix

Hobbies: Wood working, painting, running, home-brewing, reading

Favorite honeybee fact: In a single season one hive can have a total flight distance of 12.4 million miles (that is half the distance from Earth to Venus)!

My Beekeeping Philosophy: Knowledge is power; the more you understand the actions of honeybees and their hive the better you can care for them.

Daniel Weaver BeeWeaver Crew

Daniel Weaver has served as a consultant and honey bee expert for several governmental agencies as well as private-sector entities. His clients have included the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the Southwest Research Institute, the United States Department of Agriculture and individuals and corporations involved in litigation in various courts. Daniel has also assisted in the development of innovative technological advances in apiculture and agriculture.