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Beekeeping can seem a little daunting at first and the initial investment in the knowledge, equipment and bees is substantial. Our goal is to simplify the process and lift the veil of mystery surrounding the amazing Apis Mellifera.

Get a quote for a personal lesson at your hive or our Dripping Springs Bee barn, or, check the schedule for a group lesson at our Apiarie or Bee Barn. Schedule a group lesson to coincide with the pick up of your bee order!

Group Lessons

In Dripping Springs or Navasota Texas


BeeWeaver's beekeeping classes are taught by Danny Weaver. Danny is a fourth generation beekeeper with over 4 decades of experience working bees. Beekeeping classes are tailored to the student's needs and will be hands on learning with over an hour in hives and ample time given to questions/answers.

Minimum of 1 hour instruction in our hives, with additional time for questions/answers. With a small group, every student is given a chance to participate, inspect frames of bees, and we personalize each lesson to the group's needs.

  • Minimum of 5 people must register for a lesson to take place, and a maximum of 10 people may participate in a group lesson.
  • BeeWeaver will provide protective gear if you do not have your own. Please do not bring hive tools, gloves, or smokers to reduce the risk of transferring bee diseases.
  • Minimum age is 6, and children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult

Personal Lessons

Learn in your hives or ours.


People from all walks of life are curious about bees and are considering becoming beekeepers. Over the years, so many of our customers have asked us if we can teach them how to work with bees in a sustainable way without the use of chemicals.

Private lessons are $175.00 for the first hour, and $75 for every hour after the first. Price is for up to 2 Adults. Additional adults are $50/per hour

If the lesson takes place in the student’s hives please note there is a $25/hour drive time and .85/mile round trip charge. Distance is based on if the the beekeeper is working out of Navasota, Austin, or Dripping Springs, TX. We always choose the closest location possible.


BeeHelp Desk™

Have questions about your bees? Ask a pro with BeeHelp Desk. The BeeHelp Desk team has over 50 years combined experience in bee keeping. Choose a single session or an annual subscription for answers all year long.

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Normal $10
Expedited $15


The BeeHelp™ Desk is run by professions with over 50 yrs combined experience in Bee Keeping. 

Enter your question, and complete the check out process. The question will be submitted to our BeeHelp™ Desk, and you can expect to hear back from us soon.

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  • One BeeHelp™ Desk Support Request
  • Quick Response: Get a response within 48 hours or receive an expedited response time of 24 hours 1
  • Follow Up Receive support for follow up questions for the same session request
  • Professional Advice: BeeHelp™ Desk is run by professionals with over 50 years of combined experience in beekeeping

1 24 hour response time - excluding weekends and holidays

Once a year $100
Per month $10


For the discounted fee of $100, you will have access to the BeeHelp™ Desk as well as access to our BeeHelp™ Premium Video Content for one year!

Or, spread the cost over 12 months, with a one year commitment - $10 from your credit card each month.

Our BeeHelp™ Desk is run by professions with over 50 yrs combined experience in Bee Keeping. 

An annual subscription allows you to ask multiple questions of our professionals for one year1 !

You will receive an account on BeeWeaver.com which will give you access to the BeeHelp™ Desk, where you can begin creating BeeHelp Tickets!

Our Annual Subscriptions are discounted for a limited time so act now! BeeWeaver is currently developing more premium content for our subscribers which will include videos, how-to tips, and other helpful information for Bee Keepers. When all this content is released, new subscription prices will go up, but, as an early bird subscriber, you will have access to all premium content when it becomes available.

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  • BeeHelp™ Desk Support Requests for a year1
  • Professional Advice: BeeHelp™ Desk is run by professionals with over 50 years of combined experience in beekeeping
  • BeeHelp Desk™ users can search other users tickets to get the benefit of all the questions and answers of the BeeHelp™ Desk community. (User names and emails are not shared.)

1. We will attempt to answer all your questions over the course of a year but total customer use will be tracked and capped when the response time for your aggregate requests exceeds 8 hours. After 8 hours of staff response time we will ask you to purchase additional services prior to answering further questions.

$30 per year


Wish you could follow an experienced beekeeper into the bee yard every day?
Want to learn how queens are produced and packages poured up?
Have questions about queen introduction, splitting, feeding, and more?

Purchase an Annual Subscription to our BeeHelp™ Premium Videos. You will receive access to our instructional videos found on the BeeHelp™ Premium Video Page for one year.

For a limited time, pay the discounted fee of $30, which is $15 off the regular price of $45.

After you check out, we will use your information to create an account for you to log in to our website. We will send you login information within 24 hours, usually faster, for your new account.

Note 1: If you already subscribe to the BeeHelp™ desk - you already have access! Just log in to your account to see the videos.

Note 2: If in addition to Premium Video access, you also want to be able to submit questions to the BeeHelp™ Desk, buy a yearly subscription to the BeeHelp™ desk for $100. It will include BeeHelp desk and your Premium videos! Click here for more information


Colony Management

Get a quote for BeeWeaver Colony Management of your hives.

Colony Management

A BeeWeaver bee pro ready to help you in your hives


Initially many landowners who want or need bees will not work the hives themselves. You may purchase your colonies and contract with BeeWeaver to manage your bees. Once established all management contract clients receive wholesale rates on bees, equipment and gear. Most yards of bees will need 5-8 visits per year.

Management costs are $50/hour, plus $25/hour drive time and .85/mile round trip plus any equipment or bees necessary. Distance is based on if the the beekeeper is working out of Navasota, Austin, or Dripping Springs, TX. We always choose the closest location possible.



Receive assistance with bee legal or bee science. Daniel Weaver has
served as a consultant and honey bee expert for several governmental
agencies as well as private-sector entities. Daniel has also assisted in
the development of innovative technological advances in apiculture
and agriculture.

Bee Legal

Help with issues related to honey bees in contested/legal proceedings

rates vary

Bee Science

BeeWeaver is expert in all realms bee science

rates vary


Free Events

Free Hive Tours & Honey Tasting!

Hive Tours

BeeWeaver offers a unique trip into a bee hive.


Free Events

Tours, Honey Tasting, Bee Expert Social, Queen Catching Demo & other demos