I'm not ready to install my queen yet, but UPS just dropped her off. What can I do?


Please note – BeeWeaver Apiaries is not responsible for queens that arrive alive but are not installed immediately.

If you are going to install your queen within the next couple of days, the best thing to do is to make her comfortable.  Give her and her attendants a small drop of water.  Store her in a dark, cool, place away from ants and pesticides.   Keep in mind, the longer you wait to install the more chance there is that she will die.  It is far better to install a queen in the rain than it is to wait a day or two for sunshine.  If the attendants start to die, hive

If you need over 4-5 days before you install your queen(s), and have access to a colony of bees, then a queen bank is the best option.  You can make a make shift queen bank by placing your caged queen(s) in a spare super in an existing hive that is either queenless or has a queen excluder. The queen excluder will prevent an existing queen from killing those in cages, but will allow workers to tend to them. This is not a permanent home for queens, but they should do fine for a week or so until you can install them in their own hives.