Beekeeping Practices

How do I hive my package?

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Have your hive ready – woodenware onsite, hive body, bottom, cover, frames all assembled, foundation embedded, feeder ready - before the package bees arrive.  Be sure the hive has been provided with honey or sugar syrup for feed.  You can also install a comb of honey if you have some set back for that purpose.  Syrup should be mixed at a 1:1 sugar to water ratio by weight.  That’s 8 pounds of sugar to 1 gallon of water.

How do I hive my Nuc?

Have your hive ready to go before the nuc arrives. Be sure to have prepared sugar syrup for feed. The entrance of the hive should be reduced to a width of about an inch or two by stuffing grass or newspaper into the entrance slot. Do not close the entrance completely because the bees might smother.  There is brood inside the nuc, (unlike a package) so the bees will need to thermoregulate the interior of the colony to 91-92 degrees Farenheit right after the introduction. 


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