BeeWeaver FAQ

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BeeWeaver and our Breed

  • What is the difference between R Weaver and BeeWeaver?
  • Is Binford still in the bees?
  • How do you ship your packages?
  • How many bees are there in a package?
  • What are the dimensions of your packages?
  • How do you ship your Queens?
  • Is the BeeWeaver breed good for a beginner beekeeper?
  • What is the BeeSMarRt Queen?
  • Where is Navasota?
  • Why are phones closed during the summer months?
  • Do BeeWeaver bees have defensive traits?
  • Is the BeeWeaver breed Africanized?

Beekeeping Practices

  • How do I hive my package?
  • How do I hive my Nuc?
  • How do I make sugar syrup?
  • What are the Pros & Cons of Nucs and Package Bees?
  • Is my package damaged?
  • Why choose a marked or clipped Queen?
  • I'm not ready to install my queen yet, but UPS just dropped her off. What can I do?
  • My Queen seems to have flown the hive, should I be worried?
  • My hive just won’t accept a new queen! What am I doing wrong?
  • I have laying workers! What do I do?
  • How do I know if I need to re-queen?
  • My bees are dying! Why?
  • How do I combine hives?
  • Do I need to treat for Varroa mites?
  • How do you introduce a Queen?
  • How do I use a Push-In Cage for Queen Introduction?
  • How do I make my hive less defensive?
  • I have small hive beetles, SHB, what should I do?
  • Will your bees survive in my climate?
  • What are some over-wintering tips for extremely cold climates? (Answer from a Vermont native currently keeping bees in Alaska)
  • Does Honey go bad?
  • Should I start with 1 hive or 2 hives?
  • How do you requeen a mean hive?

Bee Fun Facts

  • How did the honeybee get its name Apis mellifera?
  • How much honey does one bee produce?
  • What makes the sound of the bee's 'buzz'?
  • What is the expected lifespan of a honeybee?
  • How many bees are in a colony?
  • Is it true that we need honey bees?

Shopping Cart

  • Why is my credit card charged when it is entered for an order?
  • Help! My Password is not working!
  • How Do I Log In to My Account?
  • Can I enter my credit card securely on the BeeWeaver Shopping Cart Web Pages