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Buzz from PaxBee - 432 Dec 05, 2012

Buzz from PaxBee - 432 Dec 05, 2012


My first year of contact with honeybees has been by far the most interesting thing I have ever done, and has an intense learning curve full of lessons. Lesson n+1= CHECK THE SEALS AND FLAPS on your beesuit! In my excitement I neglected to seal my chickensuit fully. My neck flap was velcroed, but the zippers were not brought together completely. Two guard bees got into my bonnet through the tiny pea size gap, and after a hundred yard sprint beating olympic records (trapped in a suit unable to remove the veil) being pursued by the rest of the guards - I got stung on the eyelid right above the lashes. I suggest to newbee enthusiasts - CHECK YOUR SEALS and FLAPS. That comb I am holding happened to taste like butterscotch? and maple syrup? and worth all the work. Never had a taste like that or again as whatever nectar source changed within one week and new flavors came in.

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