Friday, 2016, May 27 Pickup is CANCELLED due to tornado damage and flooding at our Navasota location. Power lines are down and roads are flooded. We will be in touch with a new pickup date as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding, and everybody stay safe. 

Buzz from jeb532 - 119 May 23, 2011

Buzz from jeb532 - 119 May 23, 2011


Tried following the ladies this last weekend to see what they are working. Not much luck until I noticed the neighbor's wax-leaf ligustrum. I got these shots in a 20 mph wind. I had to compete with yellow jackets, wasps, mud dobbers, bumblebees...and butterflies to get to stand in the shrubbery. Pure dumb-luck shots. Taken with a $150 Canon PowerShot A1100 IS in macro-focus mode, ISO set to 1600, program mode, overcast day, 9:25 AM, facing west shot 1, facing south shot 2.

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