Buzz from Gerald Clough - 586 May 07, 2013

Buzz from Gerald Clough - 586 May 07, 2013

BeeWeaver Buzz from:

Gerald Clough


Well, here I am. First hive, first bees. Nothing backing me up but the Centex Beekeepers Association one-day school and a lot of reading. Picked up my first package of Beeweavers on May 4 and installed them in a TBH. Today, May 7, I pulled the queen cage and saw that they had freed her and were making comb. With those times and three or four more entries to install and check feeders, I've been maybe five or six times in the hive. I had read some older comments on some discussion sites about Beeweavers bees being "hot." Well, I have yet to need any gear at all. It's been tee-shirt work all the way, and they've tolerated my clumsy newbee skills, even when I crushed a few of them. I didn't even spray the cage box to pull the queen and travel feeder. And I've used a little smoke since, but I get the impression it wasn't important. I can't imagine bees being more tolerant than that.

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