Package Bees

3 pounds of worker bees (approximately 10,000 bees), and a fresh, young, open-mated BeeWeaver clipped and marked Queen

Disease Resistant, Mite Tolerant, Big Honey Producer

BeeWeaver breeder colonies are selected annually from our thousands of hives. Our bees have not needed ANY mite treatments since 2001.

Package Bees are artificial swarms and can be placed in any type of hive.

We are now shipping our packages exclusively through UPS Next Day Air. 1

Please note that shipping costs per package dramatically reduce when you order 2 or more packages. Additionally, 2+ packages travel better than singles because they are more stable and give the shipper strips of wood to grip when handling the packages. If you only need one package you may consider ordering with a bee buddy to reduce costs and increase the bee's stability in transit.

Packages Ready to be Hived
Packages Ready to be Hived
Novice and expert hiving a package together
Novice and expert hiving a package together
Getting bees ready for UPS
Getting bees ready for UPS
Bees ready to ship
Bees ready to ship
Buy BeeWeaver Packages - $145 Each

Packages- Three pounds of worker bees, and a Clipped and Marked BeeWeaver Queen - $145 + shipping

Pick Up: • $145 - Navasota,TX
• $145 - Dripping Springs,TX
• $150 - AABA Field Day, Bandera, TX
• $155 - Dallas,TX • $175 - Roswell,NM
• $145 - Austin, TX - Tree House

Interested in 50 or more Packages? Let us know, we can arrange delivery to most places in the United States.


Package Shipping Calendar

Packages are rapidly selling out! Here is a quick look at remaining products

April week 12014/04/07SOLD OUT
April week 22014/04/14SOLD OUT
April week 32014/04/21SOLD OUT
April week 42014/04/28SOLD OUT
May week 12014/05/05SOLD OUT
May week 22014/05/12SOLD OUT
May week 32014/05/19SOLD OUT
May week 42014/05/26SOLD OUT
Added:2014/05/19SOLD OUT
Added:2014/05/27SOLD OUT

Packages Pick Up Calendar

All Pick up locations, dates, and times are subject to change due to weather, production exigencies or other extenuating circumstances.
April 4/5*TBD*Roswell, NM
April 43-6 PMNavasota, TX - SOLD OUT
April 59-11 AMNavasota, TX - SOLD OUT
April 113-6 PMDripping Springs, TX - SOLD OUT
April 129-11 AMDripping Springs, TX - SOLD OUT
April 19
Easter Weekend
11-2 PMDallas, TX - SOLD OUT
April 26TBD*AABA Field Day, Bandera, TX - SOLD OUT
May 210-2PMTree House, Austin TX - SOLD OUT
May 93-6 PMNavasota, TX
May 109-11 AMNavasota, TX - SOLD OUT
May 163-6 PMDripping Springs, TX - SOLD OUT
May 179-11 AMDripping Springs, TX - SOLD OUT

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You can also order Queens for Pick Up!

If you would like to pick up new, assembled equipment for your new bees go to: Equipment and Gear - Bee Goods Mercantile

BeeGoods Merchantile

1. The reasons for this are two-fold: last year, we only used UPS 1 Day service for our bees and the vast majority of shipments arrived on time in excellent condition. Losing bees in transit due to slower shipping methods is not good for our bees, our customers, or us since we guarantee live arrival. And secondly, the more we ship with UPS the lower the cost. This will make the shipping more affordable over time. UPS 1 Day charges are higher but you get healthy bees picked up from our farm in the afternoon and delivered to your door the next day, often before noon.

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