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Texas Beekeepers are buzzing about bees....

he Central Texas Beekeepers will be hosting a Beekeeping Demo at the Washington County Fair from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 16 and Friday, Sept. 17. For more info email: Alamo Area Beekeepers: Next meeting is Sept. 21. For more info email: Bee Classes in the Bryan, TX area, email:

Decline in US colonies on the rise... AGAIN?

On a sad note, I am hearing from many commercial beekeepers who have seen a significant loss in their colony numbers. Growers in California may be strapped to get all the bees they need for the almond bloom that is just a few weeks away. I hope the losses are not as high as I've heard, but certainly there are not as many colonies in California as needed.

BeeWeaver Bee Delivery Network

Orders are coming in for Spring 2010! I am thrilled to say that the number of orders set for delivery directly to drop off locations is higher then ever. The news about the delivery network is spreading, and more beekeepers are becoming part of the delivery system.

Danny is off to Australia

Australian honeybee scientists and Australian beekeepers asked Danny to consult with them on BeeWeaver's success in breeding varroa tolerant stock. He will also take this opportunity to meet with the producers of TaylorMade queens and bees, Warren and Rose Taylor. Despite high honey prices in Australia the Taylors have committed to ship bees to the US in 2010. 


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