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Books for a New Beekeeper

2014-01-22 14:59

Finding the right book for your self is hard.  Even harder if you are trying to learn something new.  One of our beekeepers, Emerson Arehart, read many beekeeping books and came up with a short list and summary to help you get started learning about bees... spring will be here...

Books for a New Beekeeper

2014-01-22 09:40

Blowing Smoke

2013-10-31 15:41

There are all sorts of gadgets now for beekeeping.  Frame spacers, hive carriers, frame holders, bee brushes, cappings scratchers, frame cleaners, and the list goes on and on.  For most beekeepers, many of these items are unnecessary, and can even complicate what is in reality a very...

Dylan Bee Stung

The Beekeeper's Thrill

2013-10-03 17:01

Preface to Andrew Shahan's first blog entry with BeeWeaver:

Blog posts are not something that I had time for in college so I never tried to develop a personality that people would be interested in reading about. But, in the past few years I have collected a libraries’ worth of feelings,...

Andrew and his father, John, getting into some bees.

The New Beekeeper

2011-10-30 18:07

As BeeWeaver gears up to take orders for spring 2012 bees and queens, I am reminded of how much beekeepers have changed in the last 2 decades. When I began answering phones and taking orders in 1994 nearly every customer had kept bees for decades, had 5 or more colonies, lived in rural areas,...

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Posted by MrG Blueberry Farm from Georgia
I ordered my first Bee Weaver queen three years ago. I took three frames from my strongest hives and made a split. It has by far been the best hive I have ever had. I have been keeping bees since...
Posted by Lacey from Texas
HI!! We purchased a bee package from your Navasota location in April 2011. It was to establish our very first hive (top bar style). Today (10/5/2014), we got our first honey harvest! It was amazing....
Posted by thebehnfactor from Texas
Although I am new to beekeeping, my experience is already starting out on a great foot. Ramona at BeeWeaver helped me decide what Nuc to purchase and provided ample amount of detailed information of...