Packages with Italian Queens

  • Packages Ready to be Hived
    Packages Ready to be Hived
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    Removing syrup from package


3 pounds of worker bees (approximately 10,000 bees), and a fresh, young, open-mated plain Italian Queen.

Gentle, Easy to Work, and Good Honey Producer

Italian Queens are one of the most popular bees in the word. Typically a lighter colored bee with calm characteristics, these bees are a great choice for first time beekeepers.

Please note that we recommend requeening with a BeeWeaver Queen before Fall, or that you treat for varroa mites.

Package Bees are for Pick Up Only. Sorry we are no longer shipping our Package Bees.
Dates for pick up are subject to change due to weather and travel conditions. Once the packages are ready for pick up the customer must follow through with collecting the bees immediately. Package Bees are very perishable and the bees must be hived as fast as possible.

Packages with Italian Queens

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