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Both beekeeping and the Weaver family have changed over the past century, but our fundamentals remain the same.

For more than a century, honey has been running through 5 generations of the Weaver family veins. What began as side job for Binford's grandparents, Florence and Zachariah, after acquiring ten bee colonies as a wedding gift in 1888, has become a passion and livelihood for the four generations of Weavers that followed. It was Binford's father Roy's ambition and determination that set the stage for the Weaver name to be synonymous with quality bees and honey production. After learning the basics of beekeeping, Roy went on a quest for knowledge to learn more about the trade. On his first day the boss gave him two old mules, a wagon and an old farmer as a helper, and told him to extract a honey crop. Select to learn more about the BeeWeaver Beginnings.

At the 1926 Texas Beekeepers Assocation meeting, Roy Weaver, Sr., was approached bt T.W. Burleson, (founder of Burleson's Honey), and H.E. Graham, (a large early package bee producer). They requested at least 1,000 queens a year from Roy; that was, if he could produce them. And so the challenge began, and Weaver Apiaries was born.

Since that time, uncles, brothers, and sons have joined the family business. With the same passion as his forefathers, Danny Weaver continues the quest to make the world a better place through the creation of the best bees and honey in the world. BeeWeaver Apiaries is committed to excellence, and technologically advancing apiculture, while providing honey consumers the best for their families

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We love our job. We love our bees. We think you'll love them too.

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Beginning of BeeWeavers Queens

The Beginning of BeeWeaver's Queens, circa 1923.

BeeWeaver Family Beginnings

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